Pressed against you.
He says he wants to be pressed against me.
I feel identical to him.
Identical to his thoughts.
His wants.
His needs.
I want to be pressed against him.
Against his everything.
I want to feel his gentle kisses.
All over me.
I want to feel his rough hands.
All… over… me.
Cross the border my Love.
Drive here, fly here to my country.
Long distance Lover.
I long to Love you.
Every day, every night.
Every and any chance I get.
My long distance Lover.
You are worth every.. single.. wait.

IN YOUR ARMS by Abby Jean

In your arms.
I’m using it as a title…
In your arms.
Something that’s suddenly become vital.

I feel you.
I feel you in ocean depths.
I feel you.
Like I mean, in earth core depths.

I’m not even gonna ask.
Who you are.
Not even gonna wonder to ponder.
Why you’re here.

I know.
I know already clear and crisp.
My innate shouts assurance.
He’s the one to hold and kiss.

Twin flame.
My heart bursts into flames.
From the look, feel, touch of you.

The touch from you.
Illuminates my existence.
Elaborates my being.
Enhances the intricates of the who that I am.

Fuck, damn, shit.
You move me to a next level.
Catch, caught, slip.
You’re angelic to my devil.

You increase vibrations in my reality.
Decrease rates of my heart’s mortality.
Mend me when you bend me.
Around your finger never to forget me.

I’m not even gonna ask who you are.
My soul knows you’re sent from the stars.

Now in your arms.
My new favourite spot to be.
Right now in your arms.
Breaths in sync, together, you and me.


​Mar 4 ’17
What do you want from my existence?
I’m keeping my fire pussy to myself…
So don’t dare begin to hint.
I already feel your motivation.
Behind your sweet unoriginal words.
Fire pussy, fire pum.
But you’re too slow.
You need to step up your conscious game.
Vibrate where I’m vibrating…
She’s in another dimension now.
I moved her.
I’m saving her for a real boyfriend.
For someone who loves me.
For someone who has genuine care.
Takes care, makes care.
For the who that I am.
For me.
Someone who desires me.
Not in fragments.
Not in sextions.
Desires me in entirety.
Do you want this from my existence?
Piss off then.
You’re dismissed.

S.O.S. by Abby Jean

​Feb 23 ’17
I want to get out of here.
I need to stop doing this.
Not Love, don’t worry…
I mean, work.

Work schmurk… Jerk murk… F.. u.. c……

You see my boss gave me this task.
I saw him pull it from his ass.
Sorry for the profanity.
I’m dipping into insanity.

Been workin’ on the same file.
The same file that stretches a mile.
All day editing.. the same.. fucking.. list.
I want to disappear into mist.

I don’t usually mind work you see.
But this task is too repetitive, honestly.
I can’t stand this shit anymore.
Computer’s ’bout to get tossed on the floor.

Ok ok, I just checked the time.
Now my heart has been slightly revived.
One measly lil hour left.
I got this, I can do it, I’m set.

“List, I shall conquer you.”
I say aloud, relaxing my fist.
Inhale. Exhale.
Freedom… yes… freedom shall prevail.

I got this.


​Feb 18 ’17
He came to see me last night.
The one I Love, or, in Love with…
I came when he came, basically.
He’s like, my everything.
He’s my everything of anything.
Like magick in front of my eyes.

He’s surreal to my vision.
My touch.
My kiss.
It’s the middle of the night.
Am I only dreaming?
My mind fights the fright…

Life is but a dream.
It reminds itself.
And he is yours, in yours.
About to be in yours.
Making dreams outside of dreams.
My pussy steams…

He’s really here.
Soul to soul dancing.
He’s really in my apartment.
Eyes to eyes trancing.
The connection I can’t explain.

Fuck me.
These feelings uncontained.
Feelings taking over my brain.
Sane to insane.
Insane making me sane.
It’s all the fucking same.

Your face I frame.
Deep in my pineal.
Picture hanging on the wall.
Stained in my third eye.
I made sure of it.
Stained in my inner vision.

I envision you with clarity.
I feel the rushed frequency.
Shooting through each cell.
Igniting, exciting.
You’re like a drug.
You’re a drug to me, my dear Precious one.

I cave at the mere text from you.
All the strength I had built.
All the effort I had put in.
The detox, of letting you go.
I cave as soon as I see your name.
You are everything to me.

You came to see me last night.
And now I’m left stirred.
My chronic longing for more time with you…
Unbearable weight.
Tight shoulders, chest tight.
We’re star-crossed lovers, fooling ourselves in the night…

STOP by Abby Jean


I gotta stop loving you…
Ew, I turn darker than blue.
I feel black without loving you.

I gotta stop loving you.
For my health, for my sanity.
Creases form between my brows.
Under my breath I leak profanity.

I feel mad.
I feel angry… vex.
Why can’t it all be so simple?
I don’t wanna move onto the next.

“I don’t wanna.”
Like a baby, a little kid.
“I don’t wanna.”
Arms crossed, pouting lip…

Fuck adult life.
I’m sick of being mature.
It’s tiring and exhausting.
Unnatural for my nature.

My heart wants what it wants.
And it won’t shut up about it.
My mind rolls it’s eyes.
So annoyed, just fucking do it!

I gotta stop loving you.
My health is failing.
One way road off a cliff.
I’m just there, dangling.

I gotta stop loving you.
But my pride won’t stop.
Been patient for so long.
To stop makes my stomach drop.

My heart might stop.
Grow mold and rot.
But I gotta stop.
‘Cause this shit hurts a lot…

BE MINE by Abby Jean

​Feb 13 ’17

Valentine or Valentines for Valentine’s.
Fuck, decide.
Valentine on Valentine’s.
Valentines to choose from…
But in deep feel, in light thought.
There’s only one…

Like, whom I playin?
Not myself.
At least not in these recent passed minutes.
Past minutes.
Can’t play a playa.
Heart too clever for that shit.
Heart, mind.

Valentine, dear Valentine.
Be mine.
This Valentine’s.
Be mine.
Shine with my shine.
Jump straight in, don’t be shy.
Then my pussy you can dine.
Wine and dine.
Damn you fine…

Composing a Valentine’s poem.
Tryna be sweet with it.
But the thought of you somehow.
Makes me sour.
And by sour I mean…
Fuck, I wanna fuck you.
Fuck, I want you to fuck me.
Make Love.
I wanna make Love with you.

Your insides make me horny.
Your being, your soul.
Sapiosex at first site.
You clever fox.
So slick and smooth.
With your everything.
So comfortable.
With your everything.
With mine.

Your character.
By God, your character…
What is it with you?
Your frequency is what does it.
Your frequency, so… tuned.
So… pitch perfect.
Valentine, of all Valentines.
Be mine.
By God, be mine.