Baby I want you so bad.
I want you to look at me.
Glazed seductive eyes.
Piercing deep in mine.
Piercing deep into my pores.
As you survey my naked body.
Up and down.
Touch me baby.
Lick me.
Feel my everything.
Kiss me with your passion.
Bae I need you so bad.
Mash your thighs against my thighs.
Press against me with all your weight.
Slide him in.
Release my sins.
Gimme gimme, you always getty.
Any second of any minute of any day.
I’m willing.
Door open.
Legs open.
Mouth open.
Baby I want you so desperately.
You taste like…
Continuous desire.

GIMME MY DRUG by Abby Jean

Apr 10 ’17
I love you so much it’s hurting.
I love you so much I’m moody.
I love you so much I need you.




My Love.

My sweet one.

The one that makes me the happiest…

I need you.

I saw you Monday morning…
Before the sun was is in the sky.
I felt you, touched you, kissed you.
Smelt you.
Monday morning one full week ago.

I know I’m addicted to you now.
I know I’m addicted because I fiend for you.
Because I have mood swings without you.
Because the further away the time gets.
The further away you get.
The moodier I get.

Baby, I need you, you’ve become my drug.

I’m sorry.
It wasn’t my intention..
None of the above.
I just, got a dose…
And now I can’t stop, I fiend.

I pace my house back and forth.
Not a true pace, I mean not anxious or angry.
I pace as I go from room to room.
Forgetting why I went there once I get there.
Because my mind is elsewhere.
Been there, stuck there… on you.

On this situation.
Becoming a witchuation.
For I don’t know what to do with myself.
You’re untouchable without a doubt.
Kilometers on kilometers away… Miles.
I use crystals to brace my heart.

I CHERISH YOU by Abby Jean

Mar 30 ’17
I cherish you.
For all the sweetness that you are.
For the honey that you’re composed of.
For the love that beams from your cells.

I cherish you.
For the feelings you give me.
For the rushes of electric waves.
For that intoxicating takeover of my everything.

I fucking cherish you.
For the gold that creates your mind.
For the genuine care spoken through your words.
For the understanding, the knowingness without words.

I cherish you deeply.
For that look, that irreplaceable look you give me.
For the delicate kisses you strategically line down my arms.
For the holding of me safe and secure, tight in your arms.

I cherish you.
For your devotion, dedication, determination.
For your strong will, your consciousness.
For your existence in this human experience.

I can’t stop dreaming of you.
Past, present, future.
I don’t ever wanna stop dreaming of you.
Past, present, future.

You light up my life.
Light life in my dimming light.
I cherish you.
Through every wormhole imaginable and back.

I cherish you, infinitely.
For the everything that I need.
You are it exactly.


Pressed against you.
He says he wants to be pressed against me.
I feel identical to him.
Identical to his thoughts.
His wants.
His needs.
I want to be pressed against him.
Against his everything.
I want to feel his gentle kisses.
All over me.
I want to feel his rough hands.
All… over… me.
Cross the border my Love.
Drive here, fly here to my country.
Long distance Lover.
I long to Love you.
Every day, every night.
Every and any chance I get.
My long distance Lover.
You are worth every.. single.. wait.

IN YOUR ARMS by Abby Jean

In your arms.
I’m using it as a title…
In your arms.
Something that’s suddenly become vital.

I feel you.
I feel you in ocean depths.
I feel you.
Like I mean, in earth core depths.

I’m not even gonna ask.
Who you are.
Not even gonna wonder to ponder.
Why you’re here.

I know.
I know already clear and crisp.
My innate shouts assurance.
He’s the one to hold and kiss.

Twin flame.
My heart bursts into flames.
From the look, feel, touch of you.

The touch from you.
Illuminates my existence.
Elaborates my being.
Enhances the intricates of the who that I am.

Fuck, damn, shit.
You move me to a next level.
Catch, caught, slip.
You’re angelic to my devil.

You increase vibrations in my reality.
Decrease rates of my heart’s mortality.
Mend me when you bend me.
Around your finger never to forget me.

I’m not even gonna ask who you are.
My soul knows you’re sent from the stars.

Now in your arms.
My new favourite spot to be.
Right now in your arms.
Breaths in sync, together, you and me.


​Mar 4 ’17
What do you want from my existence?
I’m keeping my fire pussy to myself…
So don’t dare begin to hint.
I already feel your motivation.
Behind your sweet unoriginal words.
Fire pussy, fire pum.
But you’re too slow.
You need to step up your conscious game.
Vibrate where I’m vibrating…
She’s in another dimension now.
I moved her.
I’m saving her for a real boyfriend.
For someone who loves me.
For someone who has genuine care.
Takes care, makes care.
For the who that I am.
For me.
Someone who desires me.
Not in fragments.
Not in sextions.
Desires me in entirety.
Do you want this from my existence?
Piss off then.
You’re dismissed.

S.O.S. by Abby Jean

​Feb 23 ’17
I want to get out of here.
I need to stop doing this.
Not Love, don’t worry…
I mean, work.

Work schmurk… Jerk murk… F.. u.. c……

You see my boss gave me this task.
I saw him pull it from his ass.
Sorry for the profanity.
I’m dipping into insanity.

Been workin’ on the same file.
The same file that stretches a mile.
All day editing.. the same.. fucking.. list.
I want to disappear into mist.

I don’t usually mind work you see.
But this task is too repetitive, honestly.
I can’t stand this shit anymore.
Computer’s ’bout to get tossed on the floor.

Ok ok, I just checked the time.
Now my heart has been slightly revived.
One measly lil hour left.
I got this, I can do it, I’m set.

“List, I shall conquer you.”
I say aloud, relaxing my fist.
Inhale. Exhale.
Freedom… yes… freedom shall prevail.

I got this.