June 5, 2017

I feel like licking your nipples.
Ya I said it.
It’s the mood I’m in.
The flavour of my salivation.
Bottled up randiness.
Ravenous for salvation…
Yes it’s a thing.
Babe, fling a fling.
I want you.
Mashed between my thighs.
Thrusting me up high.
Sending chi with your eyes.
Deep breathing…
Fuck I miss your touch.
Your grope.
Your loving.
Your sexiness.
You’re sexiness…
I wanna lick your nipples.
Surging urge through my veins.
Surging moisture from my cave.
Crystal cave of cosmic depth…
We must.
Baby, I fucking Love you…
Send me your nipples through FedEx.
My long distance Lover, you must.
Just a little lick of each.
Then I’ll send them right back to your reach.
It’s just the mood I’m in…
My Lover.
My precious, dearest, most favourite sin.
Gimme your nipples to lick.


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