May 25 ’17

Lover Love me.
Through my pancreatitis and back.
Lover Love me.
Don’t leave me when I flop.

Love me when I’m sad.
When I’m not fun to be around.
Love me through my drought.
When my body’s in perma-shout.

When it freezes up, seizes up.
Squeezes up, leaves me empty.
Malnutritioned… crippled…

Pancreas, adrenals…
Endocrine, I Love you.
Let’s not do this.
I hear you, forcefully.

Clear message you resend me.
Calm down my dear, you tell me.
Slow down and take care, of you.
The whole you.


Love me baby.
Please Love me through it all.
Please don’t leave me.
When my spirit is low.

It’s only for the moment.
Well, in between moments…
You know the real me.
Never forget the high me.

Lover Love me.
I know you do…
I cry from the gratitude.
Thankfulness… appreciation.

You’re an Archangel of mine.
My Lover, I Love you.
To depths unknown….
I give thanks in moments alone.


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