IN YOUR ARMS by Abby Jean

In your arms.
I’m using it as a title…
In your arms.
Something that’s suddenly become vital.

I feel you.
I feel you in ocean depths.
I feel you.
Like I mean, in earth core depths.

I’m not even gonna ask.
Who you are.
Not even gonna wonder to ponder.
Why you’re here.

I know.
I know already clear and crisp.
My innate shouts assurance.
He’s the one to hold and kiss.

Twin flame.
My heart bursts into flames.
From the look, feel, touch of you.

The touch from you.
Illuminates my existence.
Elaborates my being.
Enhances the intricates of the who that I am.

Fuck, damn, shit.
You move me to a next level.
Catch, caught, slip.
You’re angelic to my devil.

You increase vibrations in my reality.
Decrease rates of my heart’s mortality.
Mend me when you bend me.
Around your finger never to forget me.

I’m not even gonna ask who you are.
My soul knows you’re sent from the stars.

Now in your arms.
My new favourite spot to be.
Right now in your arms.
Breaths in sync, together, you and me.


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