Feb 18 ’17
He came to see me last night.
The one I Love, or, in Love with…
I came when he came, basically.
He’s like, my everything.
He’s my everything of anything.
Like magick in front of my eyes.

He’s surreal to my vision.
My touch.
My kiss.
It’s the middle of the night.
Am I only dreaming?
My mind fights the fright…

Life is but a dream.
It reminds itself.
And he is yours, in yours.
About to be in yours.
Making dreams outside of dreams.
My pussy steams…

He’s really here.
Soul to soul dancing.
He’s really in my apartment.
Eyes to eyes trancing.
The connection I can’t explain.

Fuck me.
These feelings uncontained.
Feelings taking over my brain.
Sane to insane.
Insane making me sane.
It’s all the fucking same.

Your face I frame.
Deep in my pineal.
Picture hanging on the wall.
Stained in my third eye.
I made sure of it.
Stained in my inner vision.

I envision you with clarity.
I feel the rushed frequency.
Shooting through each cell.
Igniting, exciting.
You’re like a drug.
You’re a drug to me, my dear Precious one.

I cave at the mere text from you.
All the strength I had built.
All the effort I had put in.
The detox, of letting you go.
I cave as soon as I see your name.
You are everything to me.

You came to see me last night.
And now I’m left stirred.
My chronic longing for more time with you…
Unbearable weight.
Tight shoulders, chest tight.
We’re star-crossed lovers, fooling ourselves in the night…


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