BE MINE by Abby Jean

Feb 13 ’17

Valentine or Valentines for Valentine’s.
Fuck, decide.
Valentine on Valentine’s.
Valentines to choose from…
But in deep feel, in light thought.
There’s only one…

Like, whom I playin?
Not myself.
At least not in these recent passed minutes.
Past minutes.
Can’t play a playa.
Heart too clever for that shit.
Heart, mind.

Valentine, dear Valentine.
Be mine.
This Valentine’s.
Be mine.
Shine with my shine.
Jump straight in, don’t be shy.
Then my pussy you can dine.
Wine and dine.
Damn you fine…

Composing a Valentine’s poem.
Tryna be sweet with it.
But the thought of you somehow.
Makes me sour.
And by sour I mean…
Fuck, I wanna fuck you.
Fuck, I want you to fuck me.
Make Love.
I wanna make Love with you.

Your insides make me horny.
Your being, your soul.
Sapiosex at first site.
You clever fox.
So slick and smooth.
With your everything.
So comfortable.
With your everything.
With mine.

Your character.
By God, your character…
What is it with you?
Your frequency is what does it.
Your frequency, so… tuned.
So… pitch perfect.
Valentine, of all Valentines.
Be mine.
By God, be mine.


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