Feb 1 ’17

Marry me under moonlight.
Dance with me twinkle toed.
Shoot your stars into my Universe.
I want you – I must have you.
I must have your soul touching mine.
I must have your hand touching mine.
Your mind touching mine.
Synchronized minds.

Touch me in my insides.
Feel me deep in yours.
Feel you deep in me.
Entwine, intertwine.
So fucking divine…
So goddamn fucking divine.

Goddess to your God.
I’ll be your everything.
Everything in imagination.
Everything manifested.
Everything of anything.
We shall create together.
Make life together.
Inspire life in each other.

Sparks splatter from my ears.
They dance out my tear ducts.
They form words from my mouth.
Flutter from my heart, my stomach.
Escape in bounty from my pussy.
Sparks spark, sparking my entire.
You spark my entire.

I’ll never fucking get tired.
Of you.
God to my Goddess.
I swear to God and Goddess.
You are the fucking best.
Marry me under moonlight.
Let the stars align the rest…


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