YOU by Abby Jean


I can’t figure out your character………

It’s making me dizzy.
Keeping me busy.
Studying angles.
Untying tangles.


Your depth keeps me diving.
Your vastness I dive in striving.
I wanna know more.
More of what you store.

Who is this tall one.
Who shines blinding like the sun.
In front of my eyes, all three.
In front of my thighs, entering me.

You make me want to lick you.
And at the same time sweet kiss you.
Emerging many sides of me.
Spontaneously sparking creativity.

Sparking sparkles in my pupils.
Gently mending all my loopholes.
Sweetness from the skies.
Manifested after many tries.

Now you’ve come to me in physical.
Now you’ve meshed with me in spiritual.
I’ve never had another like you.
Caught me off guard out of the blue.

Now I’ve got tunnel vision.
Now I’m on a serious mission.
To figure you all out.
Without hesitation, without doubt.

You’re an intricate masterpiece.
I plan on studying the whole piece.
Oh how you’ve refreshed my spirit…
Gratitude to you my dearest.


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