Aug 17 ’16 

I just wrote a poem.
And deleted it in error.
My brain’s now alarmed with slight terror.

From a black hole to text.
Text back to a black hole.
Ouch. My heart took the toll.

I feel high… high on frequencies.
High frequency high.

My soul keeps nudging me.
Confused while at work.
Creative suppression, definitely the worst.

I clench scissors in hand.
Brew destructive thoughts in mind.
Peace at once, it’s a must, I must find.

Boxed in by computers, tall paperstacks.
My saviour Conscience holding me back.
Arresting me from permitting an attack.

“Dive in!” my mind speaks to me.
“I’ve been waiting for you to swim.
The pool is always open, jump in from the rim!”

Oh creative mind how I adore you.
If you were marryable I might just have to.
Under these crazy energies of Full Moon.


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