TEXT ME BACK by Abby Jean

July 28 ’16
Don’t be an asshole.
Jump down the rabbithole.
Take the risk.
Wild out.
Text me back.

You’re boring my spirit.
I’m sure you don’t want to hear it.
Envisioning your side.
With occupied preoccupieds.
Prob never even tried…

Bzzz, bzzzz.
Too busy to stop.
Too focused another way.
It’s ok.
In my nightmares.

‘Cause in my dreams, desires.
Meditations and hopes.
I hear it.
That lovely buzz.
Bzz, bzz…bzz, bzz.

Not the buzz of business.
Or bees.
Or cicadas in trees.
The buzz of you.
Texting me.

Stop with your ways.
Make me exclusive.
Make me the exception.
To your rule.
Your habit.

How boring.
I’m snoring.
Now my wait is late.
For another hot date.
He texts.


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