HUMAN STAR by Abby Jean

July 25 ’16

Mystical Mysterious Human Star.
Often ponder where and how you are.
In the mist, in the particles of spotlight.
Shining bright blinding light.
Pointed, beaming, like sunshine at night.
I feel my energies, his energies.
No longer in synergies.
But were they ever?
My thought-train is clever.
“He’s not that into you.”
Words repeated from time over.
I knew, I know, I realize.
My eyes never tries to lies.
But my voice trembles to speak goodbyes.
Instead my heart just skips a beat.
Double-dutching over his.
As I continue my biz.
I float by to send a hi.
No desire for him to try.
Just let him know I cared, care.
Expressing my soul is only fair, I dare.
Beautiful one upon this earth.
Spread your beauty, build your net worth.
The tiger I’m keeping.
To cuddle while I’m sleeping.
Sweet life ahead.
Sweet dreams of glory.
From start to end.
We had a great story.
Butterfly wings and flashes of light.
Off and away, out of mind, out of site!
Poof! Like magick.
Nothing tragic.
Off and away to stay…
Eternally internalizing the Love.
And so it is…
Ride the wave.



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