BRAVE by Abby Jean

July 27 ’16

My dear innate, dear heart.
How brave you are.
How I admire you so.
You must be eternal, it’s true.
You must be a forever.
You’re so very clever.

For the tides come.
And you disappear beneath them.
Forceful salt waters.
All over your everything.
I think you’re drowning.
The sight gives me fright.

Yet just like clockwork, tidework.
You appear again.
Still breathing fine with added shine.
As if the sea actually washed you.
Cleansed you.
Like it’s all part of the plan.

My dearest innate, sweetest heart.
How exemplary of you.
To resurface.
To keep going.
To continue your mission, journey.
Such strength, faith, endurance.

I think you’re indestructible.
You know exactly what you’re doing.
You know exactly what you need.
My ego squirming in confusion.
Mesmerized by you.
Envious of your calm.

Your bravery is influential.
Reminds me there’s so much potential.
You inspire me to smile.
To laugh through all the trials.
You make light of the weight.
My daring, loving heart, and shatterproof innate…


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