TELL ME A STORY by Abby Jean

July 24 ’16

He said tell him a story.
So my mind came awake.
I’d been sleeping lightly.
With my kundalini snake.

He said tell him a story.
I wondered about what.
A morning glory, naa.
Been there, done that.

My wheels started turning.
My clock tick-tocking.
Saw a whirlwind of visions.
My door began knocking.

Inhale. Exhale.

A cat, yes a cat.
He appears to like cats.
Kittens all fuzzy and cute.
Mischievous brats.

Meow, meow.
Purrs and claws.
Cats, kittens everywhere.
Climbing, jumping without pause.

Deep in the forest.
Inside their home, a hut.
Untamed by human.
In joy and happiness they strut.

They hold secret knowledge.
Secrets unkept from man.
Except for the slick ones.
The humans that give a damn.

Meow, meow.
They talk to the skies.
To the spirits around them.
Clearly seen with their eyes.

There was no king or queen.
They believed in equals.
Sat around all together.
Storytelling pussy sequels.

It was a fabulous lifestyle.
Eat, drink and be merry.
Living deep in the forest.
It was dark but not scary.

I could tell him many tales.
Of tails and whiskers.
Though my stories are infinite.
Filled with turns and twisters.

He said tell him a story.
But he doesn’t yet know.
My poems stretch distances.
They rapidly grow.

So back to where I was.
Before I heard the text.
Back to sweet dreams I go.
Cat-napping until the next….


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