July 4 ’16

Bright coloured rainbow sprinkles.

I stare at them through the glass pane.
As they stare back at me.
We have a moment together.
A contemplating, decision-making moment.

A child suddenly rushes from behind me.
Blocks my view, crushing my sprinkle intimacy.
Hey, wait a minute kid…
You’re not the only one seeing those sprinkles.

Feeling those sprinkles…
Salivating over those sprinkles…

“Next in line please!”
She gently startles me.
“Yes, I’ll have that sprinkle donut please.
Sorry, I mean the vanilla dip donut…”

My excitement nudges me impatiently.
My adrenals shake their heads in shame.
Cash exchanges for a brown bag.
With temptation as its contents.

I find my nook and open it up.
Simultaneously licking my lips without awareness.

Yup. I’m sure as hell goin’ for it.
I hold it up in the air in front of me.
“This is to me..”, I cheers the air, then bite.
Bite the idea, bite the childhood memories.

“Mmmm…” I fake to myself, “Nice treat.”
Truth is, I really only want the sprinkles.
Those bright coloured rainbow sprinkles.
The ones that stared at me as I stared at them.

I pause and look down at my half-eaten donut.
“Ew”, I think, say… then I eat off all the sprinkles.


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