IT JUST, WENT by Abby Jean

June 23 ’16


Where did it go.
I dunno…?
I just know it’s gone.
Well… Then…

There goes that.
Poof! Like a magician.
Out of site.
Blow of mind.

No worries.
There goes that.
There’s always more else.
To do or to explore.

Something else out/in there.
That can occupy me.
Or better yet said.
Something else…

To enhance life’s experience.
Something else…
To inspire me.
My entire me.

Shake awake my chakras.
For Love of Life sake.
Shake awake my joy.
For whole health sake.

There goes that.
But I know it will return.
We spin in cycles/circles.
Karma full blown.

Life’s intimate intricates.
Life’s lessons return.
Until they’re overstood.
Until they’re learned.

There goes that.
But no problem letting go.
My exhales are flawless.
No fear in my vocab/vocal.

I got this.
No worries.
No furies.
I got this.



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