June 27 ’16

Something switched in me.
I feel it.
I feel the difference.

Something clicked in me.
I don’t feel it.
I don’t feel the frustration.

Something dicked in me.
I felt it.
I feel the memory.

Tripped in me.
Licked in me.
Almost tricked me.

At first, I want you as my man.
Mine all mine.

I want you to call me yours.
I want you to want me, only me.

My soul knows better.
You’re not in my life for that.

I love you in an instant.
I keep you at a distance.

This life is freedom, free will.
We both wear wings.
Thrive in air, space, timelessness…

You do your thing, bein’ you.
I do my thing, bein’ me.
Then we meet.

Sapiosexual random eves.
Creating the night away.
In dreams manifesting to reality.

To vibrate chakras.
Open lotuses.
Expand this life, in the ethereal.

Something deeper than human.
Something wiser than brain.
Just, be… Just, free.

Love. Free Love. True Love. Conscious Love. Compassionate Love. Just, Love.



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