I AM THAT, I AM by Abby Jean

June 18 ’16

I am Love.
I am Light.
I am a Dove.
With strong might.

Look at my wings.
Erecting from my back.
Angelic wings.
That carry me back…

To my roots.
To my knowing.
The trumpet toots.
As I start blowing.

Wings proudly spread.
Clear blue skies.
Memories in my head.
Trumping all their lies.

I am an Angel.
I am Infinite.
I am Vibrational.
I am Intricate.

Love is what creates me.
Unconditional Love.
Love is what sustains me.
Fractal Love.

I’m not from Earth.
I don’t feel like it’s home.
Human form from birth.
Makin’ me feel all alone.

They don’t want me to know.
How powerful I am.
Muffling my whistle blow.
Exposing truth they bam.

I know who I am.
I can’t be stopped now.
Fuck, I don’t give a damn.
Freedom of knowledge I allow.

I am a Dove.
I am Free.
I am Love.
I am Me.

I won’t contain my thoughts.
I listen to instinct.
Look at their faces distraught.
I’m on the edge, on the brink.

Acknowledging my true self.
Saves me from insanity.
Deep meditation I delve.
Unreachable to their profanity.

I am alive here on Earth.
A temporary home.
This place of human birth.
Where humans make me not want to roam.

And so I am.
And so it goes.
My trumpet blows…



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