June 14 ’16

I wanna write poetry.
I wanna feel.
I wanna dance inside my body.
Inside my heart, my mind, my sacral.
I wanna dive into my imagination.
Swimming, fishing, for you.

I wanna write poetry.
About you.
To you.

I let my feelings for you free.
I silently slipped them into the breeze.
To surf the ocean waves.
Free riding, dipping and diving.
Whatever you please.
Whatever your heart needs.


You keep making your way back into my being.
Logically, you never left my being.
Starting to think you never will.
I want you back beside me, back inside me.
Beginning to believe it makes no sense to not…

I want you to read my poems like you used to.
I want you to feel tingles rushing.
Like electric Love.
Bolts of light running through your veins.
I want you to feel the knowingness.
I want you to know it.

I Love you.

And I want to scream it out.
I want to tell strangers on the street.
I want to shout to the skies.
To the flying birds above me.
This man is special, this man moves me!

I call you Preciousness.
‘Cause it’s perfectly explanatory.
Something delicate and unique, different.
Holding in the palms of my hands.
Don’t wanna squeeze too tight.
Don’t wanna grip too loose.
Just balancing, with precise precision.

Look and admire.
Take care of.
Kiss and caress.
Give Love.

This poem I write to you, dear Preciousness.
And whoever reads it will know.
There’s a man on this Earth.
In my city, within short distance.
There’s a man on this Earth.
That makes me Glow…


And so it goes.
And so it is.
A kiss of appreciation.
I send you through the wind.
For just because.
For just being you.



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