MORE, MUCH MORE by Abby Jean

May 14 ’16

Arriving at Ossington.
Ossington Station.

The subway woman’s voice speaks faintly to me.
Faint behind the sounds beating from my headphones.

The next station is Dufferin.
Dufferin Station, she chimes.

I reflect my evening prior to this morning.
I reflect my night.
I attempt the view of the bright side.
It doesn’t seem to weigh out the blah.
It’s bright isn’t very bright.

It was shit.
Bluntly speaking…
Bland. Boring. Stale.
Lacking soul, depth.

I reflect on you.
You feel so pure.
So encouraging, inspiring.
I feel so appreciative of you.
So satisfied just knowing you exist.

The next station is Royal York.
Royal York Station.

Royal, yes.
That’s what you are to me, Royal.
You are the King of Kings.
Lord of Lords.
Man of Men.

I laugh to myself, at my own thoughts.
I like you, I just fucking like you.
And the more I see out there.
The more I explore.
The more I see you in there.

I think you’re fractally original.
Just a boy, you tell me.
I know you’re humble, I understand…
Does he realize who he is though?
Does he have insight?

My mind drifts…
With my pineal, I see you.
Looking at yourself in the mirror.
Standing there, contemplating.
Contemplating your stardust self.

You hear my words bounce around in your mind.
As you stare into your eyes.
You’re more than just a boy…
Much more.
So infinitely much more.

Last stop Kipling Station.
Kipling Station last stop.

This train is now out of service.



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