I FEEL TO CRY by Abby Jean

Apr 27 ’16

I feel to cry…
But something stops me.
It’s not that it’s suppressing my tears.
More like setting them free.

Without ever turning to liquid.
To salty ocean streams.
To the seasonal rivers that run down my cheeks.
Through historically carved canyons.

It frees them and hugs me concurrently.
What an odd feeling, I ponder to myself.
To have my tears caught.
To have them transformed before born into existence, transmuted.

I feel thankful.

I feel to cry…
From all the sadness inside me.
All the neglect, abuse, the heart crackles from Loving.
I feel to cry.
But something stops me.

I am too thankful.
I am too thankful for my life path, journey, lessons.
I am too thankful that I’m loved, unconditionally.
From the Universe, from the souls that Love me.

I feel to cry… but I am too thankful for tears.
I look in the mirror.
The reflection looks different.
Like a different version of me, a higher dimension.

I look fresh, I feel fresh.
I look young, I feel young.
I look freckled and hazel eyed.
Hair framing my face in copper.

I look beautiful to myself, I feel beautiful.

My eyes begin to water.
I don’t feel to cry, but it’s happening.
I stare at my reflection.
Deep into my eyes, into my soul.

I see myself in light.
I Love you.
My subconscious whispers sweetness to my conscious.
I Love you, in all your shades and colours.



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