YES, YOU by Abby Jean

Apr 18 ’16

I Love You.

Yes, I’m talking to you.
The one reading this.
The voice in your head that speaks the words.
Let them know, to read this to you.
This is written about you.

Beautiful spirit.
Heart, so big, so caring.
Gracious, wild, freeloving.
I see it beating, it beams.
Your aura exposes it’s vibrancy.

I see the speckles.

Don’t worry, they’re already a part of the artistry.
The cracks and crumbles create the texture.
No struggle to incorporate them, blend them in.
They’re infused already.
Yin and yang.

I see you.
In the depth.
In the secrets.
I see your soul seeping through flesh.
And I Love You, dearly.

You are magnificent my sweet soul.
A masterpiece.
Always remember.
I Love You.
Yes, you.



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