SLIPPING by Abby Jean

Apr 7 ’16

I don’t really know you at all, if you really think about it.
But I feel you.
We meet and make Love.
Then float away back into mist.
Mysterious mist.
Returning again only after life has passed in our other lives.
Other realms.
Other feelings.

We return.
And the touch between us… the embrace…

It knows. I know. He knows. We all know. 
As we stand there together.
Joined by our grooves like puzzle pieces.
In the silence.
Behind the metaphors, the hints, the looks.

Down the slippery slope.
Nothing strong enough along the way to stop me.
Just slipping and sliding.
Right into it.
Into the warmth and inexplicable.
Incomparable and addictive.

Slip. Trip. Tumble.

That one of a kind exhilarating feeling worth slipping for… 




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