Apr 11 ’16

You got me involved.
In your aura.
In your body.
Your heart.
With your invitations.
With your expressions of interest in me as me.
As an individual.
As a one-of-a-kind.

Your vibrations tell me your secrets though.
Silently you caution me not to feel anything for you…
I feel it.
Like you’re unsure yourself whether or not you want to be loved…
By this love.

But I struggle to silence my thoughts of you.
Swallow, digest my emotions.
Transmute my newborn Love for you.
Right back to nothingness.
Zero point energy.
Like we were just gliding along the rim of a black hole this whole time.

Destined to end the ride back at the beginning where we started.
A ferris wheel.
The ride is over.
I paid my fare, now I walk away.
The joy was merely temporary.
An illusion.
A distraction from reality.
From my historically crackled heart.

I am here again.
And I brainstorm, again.

What is the circumference of Love?



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