Mar 11 ’16

Morning rays penetrating my pores.
Through my eyelids, into my sleeping pupils.
Awaken, the rays message me.

My logic fights the concept.
How can I awaken when I only fell fast at 4?
The rays hold their stance.
Determined, motivated, inspired to wake the living.

It’s a new day.
My thoughts quickly synchronize with those of the sun.
I stir my consciousness awake.
My senses feel before I see, before I ever open my eyes.
Neck slightly cramped.
Legs awkwardly twisted.
Fingers stiff from holding anothers.
Patterned in order of mine, his, mine, his…

Breath next to mine.
Someone’s entwined with me.

My body feels a rush.
I open my eyes awake with excitement and look over in disbelief.

Look at him.

Feelings tsunami thoughts.
Drifting them away into the ocean.


My goofy grin feels permanent.
Like I won’t be able to hide it from him if he wakes and sees me.
I close my eyes again.
Pretending to myself that I’m going to fall back asleep and leave him to rest.

High frequencies rush through my belly.
I move my limbs a little to readjust.
He stirs and moans, I freeze.
I look at him again.
That face. Those lips. His babyface beard.
I look away.
I close my eyes once more in attempt to calm the rousing energies…

The sun pokes at me again.
Reminds me that there’s no return to delta state, let alone REM.

I snuggle in closer to him and mush my face in his chest.
I kiss his soft skin.
I run my finger up and down his arm.
I slightly shift my leg so it rubs ever so gently across his genitals.
His morning cock so stiff.
Longing thoughts I drift into…

With eyes remaining sealed he moans, grins, stretches.
Pulls me in tight.
So very close to him, until our bodies merge.
I kiss his face.
His cheeks.
His forehead.
I squeeze in all the kisses I can before he settles again, and begins to breath deep.
He is so good at sleeping, I think.
I look at him admirably.

I am more awake than ever now.
I feel like the essence of orange.
Zest in bounties uncountable.

I whisper in his ear, fully aware that he won’t hear me.
I speak to his subconscious.
I speak to his soul.

I like you, I whisper.
I like you dearly, genuinely, in entirety.

I pause to think about my thoughts.
Think about my whispered words.
I check my chi to verify their alignment.
In less than an instant I feel that rush.
That high.
That kick.
That spunk.

I like you, I whisper again feeling slightly captive of expressing more.
You are beautiful, I speak softly.
Redirecting my stare up to the ceiling… Attempting to break my trance.

I will remember these days in my granny years.
In my reincarnated lives ahead.
I will remember into eternity.
These moments.
These feelings.
This life.
These, sweet somethings…



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