MAKIN’ ME FEEL by Abby Jean

Mar 23 ’16

Makin’ me feel like a nobody.
When I’m a somebody.
When I know better.
When I can think better.
When ultimately I overstand it’s me makin’ myself feel like a nobody.

A sitting duck.
Out in the open.
Plain daylight.
Just waitin’ on you to make me feel like a somebody…

Putting the weight on you.
The dependence.
It ain’t right.
But it’s what comes first.
What comes instinctively.
What comes habitually.
What comes longingly…

I Love you, is really what it comes down to.
I Love you.
I don’t know what to do when I Love you and you’re too busy to Love me.
For real.
It’s no hard feelings.
Just, wtf.

An unbalanced teetor-totter.
A one way road.
A winning slot machine that’s empty,
No prize dropping.
An abandoned child.

Makin’ me feel lost without words from you.
Makin’ me feel lonely without touch.
Makin’ me feel empty without feel.

I Love you.

What do I do now.
I sit here, spinning thoughts, twisted concepts.
Theories, philosophies that don’t belong in the light.
What do I do with myself.
With my feelings.

I try to use my brain, my mind, my higher self.
I ask the angels for guidance.
The young child inside me stares up with watering, unknowing eyes.
Misunderstanding eyes.
Makin’ me feel.



One thought on “MAKIN’ ME FEEL by Abby Jean

  1. Wow this is simply amazing! And it was like reading my own sometimes story. I’m so glad I’ve found you through John Coyote’s blog and look forward to getting to know you better. Blessings, Natalie πŸ™‚


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