UNTITLED by Abby Jean

Feb 23 ’16

Something pounds on my chest from the inside.
I feel it tighten.
Sucked in the middle.
Into a black hole in the centre.
The perfect centre of it all.
It spins inside my chest.
“What is that?” whispers my confused conscience.

It waves down past my pancreas.
Into my pit.
Pit of my stomach.
I feel the sensations over again.
Bang. Tighten. Swirl. Black hole.

My plexus has no time to think.
Down to my pelvic it slithers.
I realize it’s alive.
It’s alive inside me.
There’s something alive!

I step back.

My breath quickens.
I consciously slow it.
Chanting mantras of calm.
I am in the moment, I remind myself.
I am here now.
This feels delightful.
This feels glorious.
Enjoy it.

I look at him suspiciously.
“Interesting”, my mind explores.

Deep breath in, deep breath out.
I look into his eyes.

The energy builds at Godspeed.
I look away.
Deep breath in, deep breath out.
“What… is this…?” wandering thoughts.

I touch him again.



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