Feb 29 ’16

I miss it.
I long for it.
Desire, want, need.


The potion.
The magic.
A feeling incomparable. Wordless.


It fills all gaps, teensy crevices, miniscule molecules.
It fills it all in at once, and spills over.
Flashing out in sparks.
Flicking. Flickering. Dancing.
Freestyle soaring.

Love is so free.
The desire for it so imprisoning.
The reality of it so far from obtaining.
Out of reach but in vision.

Like window displays late at night.
When streets are dark and lights expose the gems inside.
The sparkliest one that you dream of.

Money in your pocket and no way to buy it.
It’s inviolable.
A mere pane of glass between.
A looking glass.

I glare inside staring blindly.
I dream again.
Love, I desire.
Unrefined, undefined, freespirited Love.

I think of him.

He feels touchable in my memory.

I think of him.

My whole being lights up.
My aura dances into the skies above.
Roots into the earth below.

He feels touchable… but not holdable.
He feels squirmy like an excited puppy in my arms.
He feels like an eagle taking flight from my glove.

Out of my reach.
Into the sky.
Back to the horizon where he first appeared.
And touched me out of nothingness.
Vibrated me out of everythingness.

I sigh.

My legs continue on while my mind lags behind.

My heart moans.

Love, the unholdable.

Optionless, I must Love the way I Love all Love…
Here is the board, there is the wave.



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