SWEET KISS by Abby Jean

Feb 19 ’16

Ever so gentle nudge… rub… caress…
Cheek on cheek.
His prickles prickle me.
It doesn’t bother me.
It comforts me.
Scruffy scruff, smoosh face,
I simultaneously think.

The energy feels good.
Insane good.
Question your own thoughts good.

His vibrations dance into my pores.
Spinning, twirling..
Like the freedom of incense smoke.
My lips continue their journey across his cheek.
I feel his soft skin before reaching his lips.

His lips.

My panties…

His lips.

My mind blanks.
I see light in my third eye.
I feel Tango in my solar plexus.
I feel fire, flames, rising in my sacral.
His lips touching mine so softly and relaxed.
So bonded and one.
I feel one with his lips.
Joined by the lips.

Am I still standing?
Where are my feet?
Clouds is all I feel.
Ocean waves.
Sun rays beaming through my everything.

His kiss.

I weaken and strengthen all at once.

His kiss.
Sweet, sweet kiss.



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