Jan 27 ’16

I rise in the morning…
Yawn and stretch, rub my eyes…
I am here.
It’s a new day!

I feel Glorious…
Sweet satisfying Glory.

It’s time to live some life…

I smile in the mirror before I step out the door.
Fresh air fills my lungs as I inhale.
Mmmmm… I think to myself,
Simultaneously moaning it aloud.
Mmm m m m mmmm…
Sweet fresh Morning Glory!

My feet take off to their own beat as I sap up the sun rays through my retina.
Piercing my forehead through to my pineal. Ahhh…

I look down to my left by instinct.
It’s there.
Opened towards the morning sun, as I.
It’s there.
Bright and rich and beautiful and sweet.
I stop and stare.

Morning Glory.
Good morning sweet flower. 🌺



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